Google Arrives at the Streaming Platform: Here’s the Guide to Watch over 300 Free Channels on Google TV

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    Streaming giants brought a revolution in the way audiences watch television and now Google is excited to join the show with the Google TV launch. The subscription amount for the different streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney + that the fans wish to consume, has already concerned them. Now, Google aims to offer free content and derive a solution to this scenario.

    Google TV & Partnership with Pluto TV: Details

    Google TV is a new facility and entertainment hub that will be available on a broad range of smart devices. This is the output of Google partnering with Pluto TV, through which the new service will offer complimentary access to over 300 live TV channels.

    Google TV Availability: When & Where?

    The system is being rolled out to Google TVs, TCL, Sony and other devices in the upcoming weeks. Though available in the United States as of now, there are further plans for global expansion in future.

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    Google TV Free Movies: How to Watch It?

    Audiences can access thousands of feature-length movies for free through the ads from the films and shows tab in the YouTube app. Fans can also use the Apps tab to see a row that displays “Free Movies and TV” apps to download that includes Xumo, Tubi and Red Bull TV.

    Google TV: Additional Features and Offerings

    As an opening grand offer, audiences will receive six months of Peacock Premium that has blockbuster shows, films, live sports and many other things for free. It is accessible when the user activates a new Google TV or other Android devices. Fans can even buy or rent extra content from the Play store that incorporates a loyalty reward scheme.

    Google TV: Cost

    In the case of a compatible device, there’s no minimum subscription charge and the content array is limitless. However, to watch new shows and movies or to carry on with the Peacock Premium, additional subscription charges will be needed.

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    Google has even promised fans would be delighted with more surprises to be announced in 2022.

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