GeForce NOW Chills with Resident Evil Village, Celebrates Beyond Good & Evil, and Deals in Drug Dealer Simulator 2

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    GeForce NOW snuck in a surprise announcement day before yesterday, adding the highly-anticipated Resident Evil Village and several other titles to its ever-growing cloud gaming library.

    Resident Evil

    This comes just days after Capcom revealed Resident Evil Village had surpassed a staggering 10 million units sold since its release in late 2021.

    Face Your Fears in the Cloud: Resident Evil Village Arrives

    The latest installment in Capcom’s iconic survival horror series, Resident Evil Village, is now playable on GeForce NOW. This means you can experience the chilling story of Ethan Winters and his desperate fight to save his daughter, even on devices that wouldn’t normally handle the game’s demanding graphics.

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    The addition coincides perfectly with the wider availability of Resident Evil Village. Since its initial launch, the game has found a home on macOS, Nintendo Switch (via cloud streaming), and even iOS devices. This accessibility makes the GeForce NOW version even more appealing, allowing players to jump in wherever they are, as long as they have a decent internet connection.

    Beyond Good & Evil Gets a 20th Anniversary Revival

    GeForce NOW players now have the opportunity to play the newly added Beyond Good & Evil – 20th Anniversary Edition and also explore the classic game beyond Resident Evil Village. This remastered version of the beloved action-adventure game boasts a host of improvements for the modern era.

    image1 1

    Expect quality-of-life features like autosave, the ability to skip cutscenes, and full controller and keyboard & mouse support. The 20th Anniversary Edition also throws in cross-save functionality across all platforms, a brand new Speedrun Mode to test your skills, and over 20 fresh achievements to unlock. Plus, there’s an Anniversary Gallery brimming with nostalgic content for longtime fans.

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    Dive into the Drug Dealer Simulator

    Rounding out this week’s GeForce NOW additions is Drug Dealer Simulator 2. This first-person cooperative sim throws you into the heart of a dynamic open world where you’ll manage your very own cartel’s operations.


    Whether you’re crafting narcotics, managing supply chains, or bribing corrupt officials, Drug Dealer Simulator 2 offers a unique and surprisingly complex experience. Just remember, this is all happening in the virtual world – don’t try any of these activities at home!

    GeForce NOW Continues to Expand

    GeForce NOW’s dedication to providing a wide range of games for its users is exemplified by these three new additions. From blockbuster titles like Resident Evil Village to revamped classics like Beyond Good & Evil and niche experiences such as Drug Dealer Simulator 2, there’s something for everyone on the platform.

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    With its focus on cloud gaming, GeForce NOW eliminates the need for expensive hardware upgrades. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can play these titles and many more on virtually any device, from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablets.


    So, if you’re looking to experience the latest and greatest games without breaking the bank on a new PC, GeForce NOW is a compelling option. With the addition of Resident Evil Village, Beyond Good & Evil – 20th Anniversary Edition, and Drug Dealer Simulator 2, there’s even more reason to jump into the cloud and start playing.

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