Garena Free Fire Update: All the latest news and updates

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    The community is eager to try the various newly integrated features now that the Garena Free Fire OB42 Advance Server is available. Before adding new material to the game’s final version, Garena tests it on this particular server. Players can anticipate an Ignis-named character, an updated Guild system, and more this time.

    The OB42 Advance Server can be downloaded by users using the APK file that the developer has made accessible.

    Get an Activision code to access the specific Garena Free Fire

    Gamers can download the corresponding APK file to access the Garena Free Fire OB42 Advance Server, which was made available today, October 13, 2023. As usual, the server is only accessible via an Android handset; users using iOS devices will have to wait until an update is made available before they can try out the new capabilities.

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    Users will have plenty of time to test out the various features as the OB42 Advance Server launched on October 13, 2023, and will last for a few weeks until October 27, 2023. The progress you made inside the server will be erased when it closes.

    In other news, we are getting themed cosmetics based on the characters from the well-known Manga and Anime, as a result of Garena Free Fire and Demon Slayer collaboration. The Mystery Shop, the most recent cooperation event, provides a variety of quality and exclusive items at a steep discount.

    One of the best and most eagerly anticipated Garena Free Fire events is Mystery Shop. It is offered a couple of times annually and offers heavily discounted in-game cosmetics.  On October 14, 2023, Garena Free Fire x Demon Slayer Mystery Shop was added to the game. It will be available until October 20, 2023.

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    It includes a spin, much like every other event of this kind, to decide what portion of the goodies players would receive at a discount. People will be given any of the two available reward pools after receiving the percentage. Then they can begin using their gems and reaping the benefits.

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