Fortnite update 26.30: All the features appeared in new patch notes

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    After much anticipation, Fortnite’s long-anticipated Halloween update has arrived, bringing with it the Fortnitemares 2023 event, new Augments, costume-themed cosmetics, and associated tasks. Additionally, it makes available the Michael Myers skin from Halloween, an Alan Wake collaboration bundle, and returns to the island candy, witch brooms, LTMs, and more.

    Players have been preparing for Fortnitemares 2023 throughout the past week as update 26.30 has finally been released.

    With all the spooky new skins, weaponry, frightful gameplay mechanics, and fascinating island backstory, the yearly Halloween event is usually a lot of fun.

    New missions for the occasion are introduced in the update, and players can also earn free goodies. Additionally, the Halloween event adds some new weapons, items, a Michael Myers skin, an Alan Wake skin, and some new cosmetics to the game.

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    With the release of the 26.30 content patch, the brand-new Fortnitemares 2023 event is now here. The three-week event adds a ton of fresh content to the game, including Kado Thorne as a vampire, who wields a brand-new fabled weapon, as well as several objects like Thorne’s Time Machine scattered throughout the island.

    The Wood Stake Shotgun and Thorne’s Vampiric Blade are two new weapons added to the island by the Fortnitemares 2023 update. The Vampiric Blade can only be obtained by killing the island’s Vampire version of Kado Thorne’s boss; however, the Wood Stake Shotgun can be discovered in chests and on the floor.

    The update also vaults the Lightsabers and Force powers while bringing back the Candy consumables, a red Witch Broom, and the Pumpkin Launcher to the island. Six new Reality Augments, including Trick or Treat, Revamped, Mythic Grab Bag, Icy Slide, Rushing Reload, and Witchy Warrior, are also included in the most recent release. When eating sweets, the Trick or Treat will gain 10 extra health, and the Witchy Warrior will shorten the cooldown of the Witch Broom, respectively.

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    The 26.30 patch brings back the eagerly anticipated Horde Rush LTM in Zero Build mode, allowing players to once again join the fray and slaughter swarms of cube-husk creatures in the storm. The activation of Augments, the installation of New Cube Monster Part Upgrade Benches, the addition of new quests with free rewards, and the reappearance of classic sideways weapons are among the additional elements that have been added to the LTM.

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