Final Fantasy 7 Remake might not be released Nintendo Switch 2 and Xbox

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    Square Enix has no intentions to release the Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy on other gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch or Xbox Series X, according to a reputable video game leaker. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the second game in the trilogy, will debut in February 2024, according to a recently announced release date. The most recent trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth teases a lot of the exciting new features that players can look forward to. This features the Gold Saucer, its extended overworld, and even Cloud riding a segway.

    Square Enix announced the duration of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s exclusivity for the PS5, which was less time than many had anticipated, shortly after this trailer debuted.

    It will be an exclusive up until May 29, 2024, or around three months, the publisher confirmed. A few years after its initial release on the previous-generation platform, Final Fantasy 7 Remake was eventually ported to PS5 and PC. Despite the window seems to be a great chance to release the remake on additional platforms, there don’t appear to be any plans to do so, according to trustworthy leaker NateDrake.

    On the Gameboards forums, where its users were talking about rumored games for the Nintendo Switch replacement, this assertion was made. A new Monster Hunter, the remake and rebirth of Final Fantasy 7, and a potential seventh Far Cry game are some of the games mentioned. Nate, however, clarified the situation by asserting that Square Enix does not currently have any intentions to release it on the Switch 2. According to him, if Square Enix wants to do it, it will happen, therefore a release on the platform is just as plausible as a release on the Xbox.

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    Nate knows it could happen eventually, but from what he’s heard, this isn’t Square Enix’s top priority right now. He has already refuted various assertions made by fellow leaker I’m a Hero Too regarding the release of the Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy on the Switch and Xbox at the beginning of September. Hero’s information was wrong, according to another leaker known as Necrolipe, supporting Nate’s allegations that neither the Remake nor Rebirth would be released on the Switch or Xbox.

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