Final Fantasy 14 finally arrives on Xbox Games Pass with 4K support

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    Final Fantasy 14 will be released for Xbox Series X/S consoles in Spring 2024. Square Enix’s enormously popular MMORPG began as a PS3 console exclusivity in 2013, however, it was later moved to the PS4 and PS5. For years, Xbox fans have been waiting for their version of Final Fantasy 14, but even though many other main series FF games have arrived on Xbox, FF14 has remained elusive.

    For quite some time, there have been rumors of a Final Fantasy 14 Xbox port. Square Enix first stated firmly that there were no intentions to bring the MMORPG to Microsoft’s platforms, though it was later revealed that there had been some favorable discussions about the prospect. Microsoft’s efforts to get Final Fantasy 14 to Xbox appear to have paid off, as the game has been confirmed for release on Xbox Series X and S consoles in Spring 2024.

    This major announcement took place at the Final Fantasy 14 Fan Fest event, including a special appearance by Xbox Head of Marketing Phil Spencer.

    Before the game’s release in Spring 2024, an open beta for the Xbox version will take conducted with patch 6.5. Final Fantasy 14 will have “faster loading” and 4K support on Xbox. Otherwise, fans should anticipate a similar experience to Final Fantasy 14 on other platforms.

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    Final Fantasy 14 is a significant deal for Xbox, demonstrating a remarkably strong relationship between Xbox and Square Enix. Recent events may have caused some fans to believe that relations between the two gaming titans were strained, since the main series Final Fantasy games abandoned Xbox Game Pass for PS Plus, while the newly released Final Fantasy 16 debuted as a PS5 exclusive. This development, however, shows that Final Fantasy 16 being a PS5 exclusive was just the result of a pact struck between Square Enix and PlayStation, rather than any strained relationship with Xbox.

    Final Fantasy 14 is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, with an Xbox Series X edition coming in Spring 2024.

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