FIFA’s clarification against the Qatar World Cup video reporting restrictions

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    The Guardian has released a disturbing report assuring Qatar will not allow international media companies to film interviews with people in their homes during the FIFA World Cup. 

    This will affect free press such as his BBC and ITV in the UK, and may also affect Malka’s representatives who want to make a film about life in Qatar.

    Color coverage is one of the most popular methods at Worlds tournaments for media outlets who have the means to do so. In fact, most long-distance channels send reporters to events to produce articles that better tell what life is like in this country. But according to The Guardian, Qatar imposes some restrictions that pose an ethical dilemma for all broadcasters.

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    FIFA: Specifications regarding the restrictions

    Marca spoke directly to a spokesperson for the FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee about these alleged restrictions. We’ve shown these privacy restrictions are standard for media companies at every World Cup, so there’s a nuanced view no matter the country.

    The report stated by spokesperson tonMarca about The Guardian said, “In previous World Cups, press credentials’ terms and conditions have been similar to the ones issued for this year. During praxis is where things will change. All media outlets will be able to execute their journalistic faculties freely.”

    In more detail, a spokesperson told Marca that video journalists could cover international media companies as long as they respected the privacy of Qatar’s people. We encourage you to obtain permission before filming.

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    But disturbing the peace by filming the Qatari way of life without asking for permission could put the reporter in violation of the law. According to this FIFA spokesperson, this will happen in all countries. And certainly, Qatar, which will be the host for the upcoming football World Cup, won’t be an exception to it.

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