FIFA 21 – Icon Swaps 3: What do you get from 83+ x25 players SBC and is it worth grinding the Icon Swaps 3 players?

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    EA Sports introduced ICON Swaps 3 in FIFA 21 on 10th May. Content-wise the promo is one of the best and running alongside TOTS events, it promises to be more exciting.

    The ICON Swaps 3 will be live till 30th July, and you’ll have the chance to get 18 player tokens. But there are only 9 tokens available till now, and the other 9 tokens will be available around June.

    I have completed these two ICON Swap 3 tokens:

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    • Win 7 Squad Battles matches on minimum World Class difficulty with 11 Silvers players in your starting squad
    • Win 7 Squad Battles matches on minimum World Class difficulty with 11 Portuguese players in your starting squad

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    After completing these two ICON Swaps 3 token, I put them into the 83+ x25 players SBC.

    Screenshot 155 1

    The 83+ x25 players pack is absolutely insane. During this TOTS event, it has become more exciting to open these packs as it almost promises to pack an array of TOTS players.

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    Screenshot 159 1

    I have got 4 TOTS players, with the highest being 91-rated ST Andre Silva from Bundesliga TOTS. Along with that, I also packed Team Of The Week Kramaric and many other higher rated basic players. This pack ensures you get enough fodders to do all the other ongoing TOTS SBC.

    Grinding the ICON Swaps 3 token is absolutely worth it and you should also definitely open these packs during the TOTS events. I have used the fodders to do the 92-rated CB Edmond Tapsoba Bundesliga TOTS SBC. Check out in my other article how to do the Edmond Tapsoba Bundesliga TOTS SBC and is it worth doing.

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