FC Barcelona 2021: Lionel Messi’s fans’ hearts were broken this year

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    Even the most adamant FC Barcelona supporters would not admit that Leo Messi’s actions during the summer have broken their hearts. His closest friends might say anything they want, but the facts stay the same: he eventually left the club of his life.

    Even if it wasn’t entirely his fault, accepting such a hefty salary in the middle of the club’s financial turmoil was unquestionably his obligation. The entire scenario of this story sounded exceedingly weird at first because no one envisioned Leo donning a different jersey.

    However, everything unfolded just as Barcelona fans had predicted, and the unavoidable occurred. But how much can Messi’s followers blame him for what happened?

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    About Lionel Messi

    In the end, Messi had the final say on his future, but his inner circle had a say as well. The issue was completely out of his control by the time those conversations between Jorge Messi and Joan Laporta took place.

    He believed his permanence was a done thing, and the final result caught him off guard. Nobody doubts his devotion for FC Barcelona; all that was needed was a stronger commitment to the club when Bartomeu made him an offer.

    Messi has responsibility for not questioning why he was paid so much more than the rest of his colleagues and how that would damage the institution. It’s also one of the primary reasons he left FC Barcelona.

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    Broken Hearts

    There were numerous reports in the Spanish press concerning the squad’s bad financial situation and Josep Maria Bartomeu’s inability to manage the team. Messi was staring directly at the chaos raging within the club and deciding not to intervene.

    At least, that’s how the outside world saw him once he left Barcelona a few months later. With Copa America, Leo may have made all Argentina fans joyful than ever, but Barcelona fans were left heartbroken and with a tremendous vacuum inside of them. They only wanted to see him retire in the Blaugrana jersey, which will never happen.

    But it was watching him play with that PSG uniform that hurt the most. That was the thing that shattered their hearts the most. There’s a high chance he’ll come back in a new role in the future, but nothing will ever be the same again.

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