Fans reacting on FIFA thinking about wholesale changes to football

    Some wholesale changes are coming to the game of football, and fans have shown their extreme dissatisfaction regarding this. This evolution is gradually coming into the limelight since earlier this year, during the European Champions league plans. However, despite the revolt by the football fans, it seems like some changes proposed in the Mundo Deportivo article, will not go in for of the supporters.

    The Key Changes

    According to the reports, football clubs including AZ Alkmaar, PSV Eindhoven, RB Leipzig, and the U19 sides of Club Brugge are partaking in a football tournament called Future of Football Cup.

    According to the Spanish publication, the following are the key changes brought in that tournament –

    • There will be unlimited substitutions, and the game will have the picture ‘roll on roll off at the Sunday League Level.
    • Any player who gets a yellow card will have to sit out of the field for five minutes.
    • There will be two 30 minute halves of football. The game will be stopped at any time if the ball goes off the play.
    • There will be no more throw-ins. Players will have to kick the ball from the sidelines instead.

    What will FIFA do?

    Sources state that the Mundo Deportive is in thoughts that FIFA will produce a full and clear report regarding the future changes of football, and what can be their positive as well as negative impacts on the game. They expect that the administration will do this when the tournament gets over.

    Regardless of what happens, it is clear that some changes will be brought to football soon. Also, it is a speculation that whether these changes will be seen in the 2022 world cup or not. If this happens, we will get to see a massive revolt and an evolution as well.

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