Fall Guys Mobile Clone: The Game is topping the App Store Charts with 163 million Downloads and rising

    The most popular free game right now on the Apple App Store has remarkable player numbers and is a Fall Guys clone. This occurs not long after Fall Guys were released on Xbox and Nintendo Switch and changed to a free-to-play business model, leading to the game’s 50 million player milestone.

    According to, Stumble Guys has received over 163 million downloads and has earned its creator Kitka Games $21.5 million since its release (via AppMagic). The game may be downloaded on Steam, iOS, and Android. Stumble Guys went live in all countries in January 2021, but it didn’t start getting significant popularity until the latter half of that year.

    It has grown recently, ostensibly as a result of Fall Guys’ enormous surge in popularity, which is now not accessible on mobile.

    Similar to Fall Guys, Stumble Guys pits 32 players against each other in obstacle course-based levels, with only the best players moving on to the next one until only one player is left. Similar to Fall Guys, the Stumble Guys trailer displays some levels with spinning hammers and moving platforms. Like Fall Guys, Stumble Guys also employs the loading slide presentation that spins.

    A few days following Fall Guys’ free-to-play release, on June 25, 2022, Stumble Guys saw its largest-ever single-day download volume of 1.5 million players. Additionally, Stumble Guys grossed $6.6 million in just June 2022.

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