Fakespot removed from Apple App store due to Amazon

    Fakespot no longer available on Apple’s App Store as a result of Amazon’s complaint

    Fakespot, known for analyzing the accuracy of popular website reviews, now has its iOS app removed from the Apple App Store.

    Amazon sent a deletion request to Apple. This is the reason behind the applications removal. The iOS app recently launched in June. Its design allows users to log in to Amazon to purchase products while using the Fakespot engine to analyze reviews.

    Amazon states that Fakespot’s application “wrapped” the website without permission, and the application can steal Amazon’s customer data. The company sent the initial removal notice in June, and as a result, Apple removed the app from the App Store.

    The e-commerce giant claims that Fakespot violated Apple’s 5.2.2 ‌App Store‌ guidelines. These include prevention of apps from unauthorized usage, accessing third-party services, monetizing access to third-party services, or displaying content from third-party services. Moreover, statement from Amazon indicate that the app gives “misleading information” about Amazon sellers.

    Saoud Khalifah, founder of Fakespot, said that Apple did not give him a chance to solve the problem.

    “We just put months of resources, time and money into this application,” he said. He also believes that Amazon’s willingness to “terrorize small businesses” shows that “there is a crack in their system.”

    A search for Fakespot confirms that the Fakespot app is no longer available for download from the iOS ‌App Store‌. When it is active, it has more than 150,000 installations.

    Fakespot is known for analyzing Amazon reviews. They check reviews and ratings to determine how many of them are from real people. However, Amazon’s reviews are unreliable according to Fakespot’s analysis. Thus Amazon retaliated that the survey results of Fakespot are “more than 80% wrong.”

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