F1: Max Verstappen damages costs reach 3.3 million pounds

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    The latest formula one world champion, Max Verstappen costs his own Red Bull a huge amount of 3.3 million pounds last season. The cost has even beaten F1 legend Lewis Hamilton’s 2 million pounds damage of Mercedes. The newly crowned F1 champion finished the last season dramatically with three retirements at Silverstone, Baku and Monza, and sources state that his repair costs have charged a total of 3.3 million pounds.

    The only good thing that happened here is that the Dutchman ranked third on this alternative podium as Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari, suffering a mixed year on track, came second with a total damage cost of 3.45 million pounds. And the top F1 driver coming on this list is Mick Schumacher, having a massive amount of repair cost of 3.6 million pounds.

    Haas Boss in this regard

    The machine tool company, Haas has found itself paced up this season. The Haas boos said about Mick Schumacher that he in his last five races certainly had some big ones. It will take a lot of money and that is for no good reason. They are getting a little bit frequent as well as too heavy.

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    Top 10 Car Crash Costs

    Check out the names of the top 10 crash costs in this F1 season in the points below.

    • Mick Schumacher with Haas with 3.6 million pounds.
    • Charles Leclerc with Ferrari with 3.45 million pounds.
    • Max Verstappen with Red Bull with 3.3 million pounds.
    • Nicholas Latifi with Williams with 2.66 million pounds.
    • Valterri Bottas with Mercedes with 2.3 million pounds.
    • Lance Stroll with Aston Martin with 2.29 million pounds.
    • Yuki Tsunoda with Alpha Tauri with 2.2 million pounds.
    • Nikita Mazepin with Haas with 2.1 million pounds.
    • Kimi Raikkonen with Alfa Romeo with 1.66 million pounds.
    • George Russell with Williams with 1.57 million pounds.

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