F1 Championship Singapore: Will Max Verstappen be Declared as the F1 Champion?

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    Max Verstappen claimed his victory in the Italian Grand Prix five times in a row. The Belgian-Dutch driver’s lead in the championship is so great that Verstappen could mathematically clinch his world title at his next race, the Singapore Grand Prix.

    Singapore might be producing a Formula 1 world champion. With five races still left in the season, we could already see Max Verstappen on the throne after a year of dominance.

    Max Verstappen now has 335 championship points. In the second position is Charles Leclerc has just 219 points. Sergio Perez is in the third with 210 points and George Russell with 203 points.

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    The Dutchman has a good chance of winning the championship for the second year in a row, he is 116 points ahead of Charles Leclerc.

    However, it might not be such an easy task to achieve in Singapore. Verstappen would need to gain victory all over again and Monegasque needs to finish in ninth or tenth.

    How is Max Verstappen Planning to Achieve Victory in Singapore?

    Including the sprint weekend in Brazil, only score 164 points are left to be obtained. So if Verstappen could claim two victories things would theoretically wrap up soon for the Red Bull Racer.

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    However, there seems to be a pretty good chance for Verstappen to secure victory in the world championship in the next race. Leclerc will have to be positioned 9th or lower, Max has to score and achieve victory. If Leclerc fails to score, Max automatically wins the World Championship and no one else can challenge him.

    No matter what happens in Singapore, Verstappen is determined to win the World Cup again this year, and his attention can be turned to a third straight title next year.

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