Epic Games Cross Play Tool now Updated to support both Steam and Epic Games Community

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    Epic Games has made a new crossplay tool available to game creators. The game publisher, which is engaged in a legal battle with Google and Apple, argues that its “Crossplay for PC” platform is the first step toward assisting developers in porting their games to other platforms.

    Developers will benefit the most from the new Crossplay for PC tool. It has characteristics that enable creating a smooth cross-play experience easier. This is achievable because to SDKs that are ready to use or plug-and-play (Software Development Kit). Epic states that the platform includes a collection of tools that enable developers to rapidly and easily deploy any crossplay services they want. The Crossplay for PC utility handles everything else required to provide gamers with a crossplay experience.

    Crossplay gives all friends the opportunity to come together and create fond memories across interactive experiences. We are in the fortunate position to drive change in the industry with crossplay tools for all developers and we believe that connecting friends and communities will take the gaming industry to its next major growth spurt and its next billion players.

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    Epic Games’ Epic Online Services Crossplay appears to be on its way to additional platforms in the future. For the time being, the crossplay feature is only available on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

    The service’s gamer-facing portion is just an overlay that combines the two stores’ buddy lists into a single one. As a result, gamers from both shops can look for their pals. Across the two stores, gamers may send and accept friend invitations as well as participate in multiplayer games.

    Epic Games
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    Some of the highlights of the Epic Games Crossplay Services are as follows:

    All friends, one place: Steam and Epic Games Store friends merge into one overlay allowing players to see all friends in a single list.

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    Integrated game invites: In-game, players can search and send invites to friends across Steam and the Epic Games Store, making connecting and playing together easy.

    Account linking: Onboarding without emails or password prompts. With just a few clicks, Steam players can jump into a game while an Epic Games account is created under the hood for their Steam account.

    Update-free improvements: When games are installed, the crossplay features are distributed via a self-updating in-game overlay. Players can enjoy new features and improvements without needing to update anything themselves.

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    Plug-and-play SDK: Each Epic Online Services toolset is self-contained, so developers can mix and match the services they want to implement, incorporate the things they want, and leave the rest. Crossplay tools are no different.

    Developers can download Epic Online Services SDK 1.15 and configure the same in the developer portal at

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