EA Sports FC 24 is supposedly better than last year’s FIFA 23

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    Electronic Arts has released updated launch data for EA Sports FC 24, and it appears that the game’s decision to forgo the FIFA name did not have a significant negative impact on player attraction. In its first week, the game attracted more than 11.3 million users, including those who downloaded it via EA Play but ultimately decided against purchasing it. In contrast, 10.3 million people played FIFA 23 in its first week.

    In addition, EA reported that FC Mobile had 11.2 million users throughout its first 10 days on the market, with 2.2 million downloads on launch day alone. Some people hypothesized that EA’s loss of the FIFA moniker might affect sales, performance, or engagement.

    Although we are unsure of how this year’s game stacks up to last year’s, and there are other metrics besides player counts, it appears from the number of players during the launch week that EA Sports FC 24 is off to a better start than FIFA 23.

    FIFA allegedly asked EA to pay a licensing fee of $1 billion to use the FIFA name, which led to the end of their agreement. However, since EA has its licensing agreements in place with the football leagues, players, and communities that are portrayed in the game, FIFA didn’t need to exist.

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    By playing EA Sports FC 24 by November 1st, everyone can get FC Founder rewards, which include in-game goodies and Ultimate Team content. A Founders Pack containing a variety of in-game goods will be given to those who download and play EA Sports FC Mobile by November 30.

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