Dying Light 2 Ascends New Heights with Tower Raid Open Beta: Co-Op Challenge Awaits

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    All survivors! Brace yourselves for a brand new co-operative experience in Dying Light 2 Stay Human with the Tower Raid Open Beta, available now as part of update 1.17.

    Dying Light 2

    Inspired by the thrilling VNC Tower mission from the campaign, Techland throws a fresh twist on zombie slaying with this challenging vertical adventure.

    Race to the Top: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

    The objective of the Tower Raid is straightforward – ascend the treacherous floors of a towering structure and claim the spoils that await you at the summit. Each attempt throws unique combinations of floors your way, presenting dynamic obstacles and distinct goals to overcome.

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    To keep things exciting, Techland has implemented a system of modifiers that alter each run. These modifiers can positively or negatively impact you, the infected you face, or even both, ensuring no two climbs are ever the same.

    Unleashing the Fury: Initiating the Tower Raid

    To embark on this cooperative challenge, you’ll need to access Jai’s Board. After finishing the “Lost Armory” side quest, this option is unlocked, and it becomes accessible as soon as you arrive at the Central Loop. Upon starting the Tower Raid, you (and your co-op companions – highly recommended by Techland!) will find yourselves within the Tower’s lobby.


    The Climb Begins: A Marathon of Mayhem

    Your Dying Light 2 journey will then take you from the ground floor all the way to the rooftop, provided you can eliminate the infected hordes and navigate the treacherous environments. The choice is yours – do you focus solely on reaching the top, or will you take the time to scour each floor for valuable loot?

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    Reaping the Rewards: Victory’s Bounty

    Conquering the Tower Raid showers you with well-earned rewards. You’ll be granted Jai’s Reputation Points and Tokens, a new currency that allows you to purchase exclusive items from Jai, including the coveted Tower Raid chest.

    Reaching the rooftop unlocks an Airdrop brimming with loot and an exotic weapon, a powerful addition to your arsenal. To incentivize regular ascents, completing the Tower Raid for the first time each week grants bonus Reputation Points and Tokens.

    The Challenge Evolves: A Multi-Week Escalation

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    The Tower Raid Open Beta isn’t a static experience. Techland has planned a thrilling rollout across three weeks, progressively upping the ante. Here’s a glimpse into what awaits:

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    Week 2 (Starts July 4th):

    Get ready for the rollout of the challenging Elite mode. This difficulty throws tougher enemies your way and activates the “Tactical Stamina” system, demanding more strategic use of your stamina for parkour and combat.

    However, the risk is rewarded – Elite mode offers superior rewards for the most skilled survivors. Additionally, three new floors, ten new modifiers, and four new rewards are added to the pool, increasing the strategic depth and replayability.

    Week 3 (Starts July 11th):

    The final week throws in another seven modifiers and three new rewards to keep the experience fresh. To top it all off, Techland doubles your Jai’s Reputation Points gain upon completing the Tower Raid in this final week.

    Celebrate the Climb: Dying Light 2 Reloaded Edition on Sale


    Techland has revealed an attractive 60% discount on the Dying Light 2 Reloaded Edition to celebrate the launch of the Tower Raid Open Beta. Don’t miss this opportunity to jump into the definitive Dying Light 2 experience, packed with the base game and the upcoming second DLC slated for release later this year.

    Assemble Your Team, Sharpen Your Blades: The Tower Awaits

    The Dying Light 2 Tower Raid Open Beta presents a thrilling co-operative challenge that will test your teamwork, combat prowess, and parkour skills.

    With a dynamic environment, ever-changing modifiers, and a fantastic reward system, the Tower offers an exciting new way to experience the post-apocalyptic world of Dying Light 2. So gather your fellow survivors, strategize your ascent, and conquer the Tower!

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