Dream start for Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid

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    Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid are reigning steadily at the top of the La Liga points table. They are comfortable at the top after 17 match days in La Liga. The Spanish football season has reached its midway are Los Blancos are way ahead of their historical rivals including Barcelona, as well as Atletico Madrid, along with some new contenders including Sevilla, Real Betis, and Real Sociedad.

    In the mid-December phase, the La Liga giants are way ahead of everybody else. None is denying that the 35th title for Real Madrid is just a matter of time, and they will be crowned by it soon.

    Ancelotti stated that they emerged victoriously in 22 games in a row however, they didn’t go well in the final phase of the 2014/15 season, and he hasn’t forgotten that. He knows that traps appear in the second phase of the season and what happened years back can serve us as a lesson at present.

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    Indeed the lessons from the 2014/15 La Liga campaign can teach Ancelotti’s current side a lot, as that was the campaign that led to the departure of Carlo Ancelotti.

    A good start for Real Madrid

    The Spanish capital has indeed got a superb start and has maintained their victory reign till now in the 2021/22 La Liga campaign. They will certainly beat their record under the reign of Jose Mourinho in 2011/12 where they gained 100 points with 121 goals. Currently, they are on 93.8 points with the league yet to be finished.

    Real Madrid’s 10 consecutive wins have launched them ahead of the La Liga points table and has also allowed Carlo Ancelotti to gain the top position among Real Madrid coaches and secure the best win percentage. Seeing the current forms, the consequences are very clear and it would be a miracle if Real Madrid doesn’t win their 35th title from this position.

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