Diablo 4 has suspended Trading due to a duplication exploit glitch

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    Blizzard has issued a notification suspending Diablo 4 trading until further notice. While there are valid reasons for the prohibition, this is sure to add gasoline to the fire as disgruntled Diablo 4 players voice their frustrations by review-bombing the game on Steam. While it still has a “Mixed” Steam review aggregate, 45% of all reviews are currently negative. This figure might be much lower, but it is apparent that Diablo 4 has divided fans thus far.

    Diablo 4 has received its second major seasonal update, which includes new end-game bosses as well as a slew of other new features and enhancements. The overall view among gamers thus far appears to be that Diablo 4 is a good game, but it falls short of prior editions in the Diablo franchise for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common criticisms users have about the game are around its pricing scheme and the inclusion of predatory microtransactions. Others have complained about glitches and technical difficulties in the game.

    Diablo 4 suspension of player trading is due to the fixing of a duplication exploit

    He appreciates players for their patience as the devs work on the problem, but warns the community that any accounts detected exploiting these exploits “will be actioned.” This could indicate that another Diablo 4 ban wave is on the way.

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    A blanket ban on trading may appear harsh, but it is a necessary measure to ensure that the in-game economy is not destroyed. Unfortunately, there is no clear date for when the restriction will be lifted for Diablo 4 players, although Blizzard appears to be taking the problem extremely seriously. Allowing players to run wild with gold and item duplication glitches can damage any online game’s experience, and it is precisely these kinds of defects that players are most likely to exploit.

    Diablo 4 is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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