Cyberpunk 2077 are petitioning for Google Stadia to be saved

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    Players of the video game Cyberpunk 2077 are seeking that CD Projekt, the game’s developer, make Stadia save data accessible online. Players will no longer have access to their save data without cloud assistance since Google Stadia, which hosted the extensive RPG, is closing down. It appears that players may have discovered a solution, though.

    Discussion thread responses describe a possible workaround in place of authorised cloud access. Some players appear to have been able to download their save file and import it to the Steam and GoG versions of the game via Google Takeout, a programme that lets users retrieve data from Google platforms.

    credit: gamespot

    Players can use the cloud to access the game from this point on other platforms. The fact that Stadia is not mentioned as a data type in Google Takeout has caused problems for other players.

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    In recent months, interest in Cyberpunk 2077 has increased because to updates, bug fixes, and the Netflix anime Edgerunners. It’s unknown how many Cyberpunk players there are on Stadia, but it’s surely frustrating to be unable to transfer save files with countless hours of gameplay.

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