CWG 2022: Murali Shreeshankar wins a silver medal in Men’s Long jump

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    India wins another silver medal as Murali Sreeshankar had the best jump of 8.08m at the Commonwealth Games 2022.

    Murali achieved this feat with his fifth jump. Bahamas’ Laquan Nairn had won the gold medal in this category. Nairn had his best jump at 8.08m and his second best jump was 7.98m. This was a longer jump than 7.84m of Sreeshankar.

    If two jumpers had the same distance of jump but the one with the better jump in the second best jump will have a higher rank. Jovan van Vuuren had a long jump of 8.06m from South Africa and won the bronze medal. Muhammad Anees Yahiya on the other hand had the fifth-best jump of 7.97m. Sreeshankar had the best record among the Indian male long jumpers in the CWG. Suresh Babu in the year 1978 won a bronze medal. In the women’s category, Prajusha Maliakkal won a silver in the 2010 edition in Delhi and Anju Bobby George got a bronze in 2002.

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    This Wednesday, Tejaswin Shankar won a bronze medal in the men’s high jump that opened India’s medal account in athletics in the Commonwealth Games 2022.

    On Wednesday, Tejaswin Shankar won a bronze in the men’s high jump to open India’s medal account in athletics in this CWG.

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    Credits- India Today

    On 2020, the World Athletics made a transformation in their rulebook on 8 September 2020. According to the World Athletics rule-book rule 30, clause 30.1.1, states “An athlete fails if . . . they while taking off (prior to the instant at which they cease contact with the take-off board or ground), break the vertical plane of the take-off line with any part of their take-off foot/shoe…”

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    Sreeshankar’s toe was a millimeter across the line and his jump which was actually in the range of 8.30, would have been illegal. He couldn’t get Gold for the country since he needed to have a better jump than 7.94 by Bahamas Nairn.

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