CSA to host bids for new T20 league, IPL sides register interest

    Cricket South Africa (CSA) has asked interested companies to submit proposals for the creation of the nation’s new T20 league and has selected Deloitte & Touche, an international audit company based in England, to conduct the evaluation.

    The initial deadline for placing bids was July 11, Monday, but it has been postponed until Wednesday at the players’ request.

    Teams from the Indian Premier League, including the Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, and Mumbai Indians, as well as a group fronted by Kevin Pietersen, submitted expressions of interest.

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    There are currently 29 Expressions of Interest in the hands of the CSA, including a few more PSL and IPL franchise owners.

    At the end of the month, the squads will be revealed, a CSA representative informed. Additionally, it was discovered that CVC Capitals, a private equity company that also controls Gujarat Titans, is considering making a bid for the South African league.

    Investors in the 2017 Global League T20 competition, which was cancelled owing to a lack of television partners, are among those who have expressed interest. There won’t be a starting price, according to the CSA authorities, who also reaffirmed that the allocation of the teams will be based on the evaluation of the bids.

    Although the number of clubs has not yet been officially confirmed, the IPL teams are of the opinion that there will be six franchises in the league, with two of them being set aside for South African bids.

    Chennai Super Kings are among the IPL teams interested in CSA’s bid

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    Even though it will take place around the same time as another league, the IL T20 of the Emirates Cricket Board, the South African board aims to host the competition in January-February.

    The finest T20 league and the second-best T20 league are separated by a margin, according to a CSA league sheet. The CSA was advised to concentrate on establishing the second-best T20 league in the globe. “The best league and the second-best league clearly differ from one another.

    Therefore, the CSA should concentrate on the chance to establish the second-best T20 league in the world, according to the paper.

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