How to play CS2: Ranking and rating system explained

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    How to play CS2: CS: GO’s popularity hasn’t dwindled despite its decade-long reputation, and the Counter-Strike franchise has been a fixture for almost 20 years. CS: GO had approximately 26 million distinct players by August 2023, with a startling peak of 1.8 million concurrent gamers in May.

    However, Valve recognizes that the game is becoming obsolete and has been working on a sequel, Counter-Strike 2, which uses the latest Source 2 engine and is now ready for release.

    All maps are now accessible in CS2. Valve expanded the beta’s player base on August 31. Dust 2 was the first beta component, followed by Mirage, Nuke, and finally Dust 2. Additionally, Office has been used. The first ‘Upgrade’ level map in the test was Overpass, which is a promising sign that a release date is getting closer.

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    To CS2, all skins and other stuff will likewise smoothly cross over. Nevertheless, during the test beta, a lot of skin enthusiasts found a few mistakes or variations between the way their appearance in CS: GO and CS2 looked.

    Though further cosmetic upgrades from Valve may be coming soon, don’t be too shocked if your AK-47 or knife skin initially seems a little strange.

    Pro players should quickly switch to CS2, and perhaps some of the first formal events will take place later in the year. Counter-Strike 2’s release is exciting news, but it comes with the unfortunate caveat that, rather than succeeding CS: GO, it has supplanted it.

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    How to play CS2 – What’s new in the Game

    CS2 serves as a free upgrade to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, transferring all previously purchased skins and cosmetics to the new edition. All classic maps, including Dust 2, Inferno, Mirage, and others, have lighting upgrades that create reflections on surfaces such as tiles and puddles, as well as more realistic shadows.

    The maps were rebuilt from the ground up in Source 2 to suit a modern look – the same tools will be available to community map creators so they can construct and share their masterpieces. One of the most significant physics-based changes has to be the inclusion of volumetric 3D smokes that are extremely reactive to movement, whether it’s bullets going through or a nearby explosion that causes the plume to realistically change shape.

    Contrary to CSGO, Counter-Strike 2 divides your rank according to the mode you’re playing. If you’re a Global Elite-level player, don’t worry; as long as you keep performing well on CS2 maps, you should finish up in the FPS game exactly where you deserve to be. Instead of allowing players to choose between short or long games, Valve chose MM24 so they could jump right into the action.

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    You can choose your favorite maps and queue directly into them in Competitive mode if you wish to play Ranked like in CSGO. In this mode, the traditional CSGO rankings return, allowing you the opportunity to advance from Silver to Global Elite on each Active Duty level.

    The maximum rank that players can obtain after winning their placement games is unknown. After ten games in CSGO, you could earn the status of Distinguished Master Guardian, but you’d need to win those ten games in a row to get there. Although Reddit user _At424 made it to Nova 2 after winning ten straight games, there might be other reasons at work.

    Premier mode is the most recent competitive CS2 mode, requiring players to select and ban active duty maps before beginning the match. This motivates players to study every map before entering Premier, otherwise, they risk wasting a ban choice on an underplayed map. If you enjoy unusual active-duty maps like Vertigo and Ancient, you can take advantage of this by blocking the most popular maps.

    You receive a CS Rating rather than a rank in Premier after completing 10 placement matches. You can see exactly where you rank among the greatest players in the world by looking at this number, which indicates your place on the global Counter-Strike 2 leaderboards. Three leaderboards are available to display your place among your friends list, your region, and the entire world. The categories are broken down into your overall score, number of victories, win percentage, and percentile rank.

    There is no longer any doubt about what rank you should be in because your ranking changes each time you play a match. The CS Rating puts an end to the enigma around how many wins were required to advance in rank in CSGO’s ELO system.

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