Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet plan revealed

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    Juventus U23 player Daouda Peeters knows Cristiano Ronaldo very well. He frequently trains frequently with the first team and has already made his debut, playing alongside Ronaldo.

    Peeters has now revealed secret diet plan of Cristiano Ronaldo which helped him to keep his body shape even at 36 years of age.

    Peeters told HLN, via Marca: “He always eats the same thing: broccoli, chicken and rice,”

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    “Litres of water, no Coca-Cola. Cristiano wants to win always and everywhere. He makes young players grow. He really involves you.”

    Peeters continued: “He does not do those abdominal exercises out of vanity, but because he sees his body as an instrument for work,”

    “It is not the case that Cristiano stands in front of the mirror during those hours. Anyway, he would not have time for that. When he is at the club, it’s mainly for training. He really lives for his job.”

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    The Belgian concluded: “Cristiano is a very nice guy, but at the same time he takes football very seriously.”

    “On the bus he doesn’t talk about much else. He will be very motivated to beat Belgium [in the last 16 at Euro 2020].”

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