After the Everton incident, Cristiano Ronaldo has been dropped from being Save the Children ambassador

    As per La Gazetta Dello Sport, Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo has been dropped as a Save the Children charity ambassador following an outburst against Everton on Saturday.

    Not Good for Ronaldo

    On his way back to the changing rooms, the international superstar was enraged by the Red Devils’ performance as the Toffees triumphed 1-0 at Goodison Park, and reacted by slapping a supporter’s phone out of their hand, smashing the gadget.

    He then apologized on social media, but the charity did not take his actions lightly, and his role with the group has now allegedly been terminated. Many supporters in the area captured the moment Ronaldo snapped, prompting Merseyside Police to begin an inquiry into the incident.

    Ronaldo’s sister then issued a public statement in favor of her brother, but Cristiano’s situation continues to deteriorate. The children’s charity Save the Children had chosen to withdraw the celebrity from his ambassadorial role, according to Gazzetta Dello Sport, just before her Instagram post.

    The negative publicity surrounding Ronaldo continues, as discontent abounds at Old Trafford, where the club now sits seventh in the Premier League and is battling to qualify for the Champions League.

    Aftermath of the Incident

    Everton drew closer to Premier League survival with the win, despite a horrendous season of results. Ronaldo’s perceived sulky attitude when things don’t go his way is exacerbated by everything he does.

    He and his United teammates couldn’t take the intensity of a Saturday lunchtime at Goodison Park, and he couldn’t help but respond when things didn’t go his way.

    The victory was enough to make Evertonians all over the world thrilled, but seeing one of the greatest ever footballers toss his toys out of the pram was the icing on the cake. Someone from the club will have to send some of the club’s Under-18s to United’s training facility to teach the Portuguese striker some maturity, which he lacks.

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