Company of Heroes 3 is set to be launched on 17th November 2022

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    The highly anticipated third entry in the famed real-time strategy game series, Company of Heroes 3, was just given a release date by SEGA and Relic Entertainment.

    Devil’s Brigade DLC Pack – A collection of perks inspired by the first commando units of World War 2.

    • US Rifleman Cosmetic [Legendary]
    • S Scout Cosmetic [Legendary]
    • M18 Hellcat Cosmetic [Legendary]
    • M8 Greyhound Cosmetic [Legendary]
    • Pioneer Profile & Title [Legendary]

    There’s also a Digital Premium Edition, which for a price of $79.99 also includes the game’s first expansion (coming next year) and other perks listed below.

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    • Premium DLC Pack
      • Expansion #1 [Coming 2023]
      • Premium US HQ Cosmetic [Legendary]
      • Premium Victory Point Cosmetic [Legendary]
      • Premium US M4 Sherman Cosmetic [Legendary]

    Four playable factions and two single-player campaigns—the Italian Dynamic Campaign and the North African Operation—will be available when Company of Heroes 3 launches. The former is narrative-driven and has a more traditional structural design, whereas the former offers a branching and open-ended experience.

    If you’re itching to command your platoon, the Company of Heroes 3 devs have also announced that a free-to-play Mission Alpha will be accessible on Steam from today through July 19. Visit the official website to play this task and register for the Relic community feedback program. You won’t need to do anything if you installed either of the previous two Pre-Alpha releases. They simply see the Mission Alpha in their Steam Library.

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