Real Madrid Star Casemiro to Sign with Manchester United Soon After the Medical Assessment

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    Manchester United is looking to sign Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro in an initial deal worth €60 million, which has a fair chance of rising to €70million, given all clauses are met.

    Manchester United is ready to pull one hell of a trick by signing midfielder Casemiro from Real Madrid during the current transfer window. Manchester United has not had the best start to the Premier League season after two defeats at the beginning of the season.

    The Red Devils are looking to make him the fourth-highest-paid player in the Premier League, according to a Mundo Deportivo report.

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    How Soon is Casemiro Expected to be Joining Manchester United?

    Casemiro could be in his final hours as a Real Madrid player. As reported from England, the deal between the player and Manchester United appears to rely only on a mandatory medical examination, which the midfielder will pass on Friday, with the permission of the Madrid club.

    After three days of meditating, studying, and pondering suggestions from the England club’s leaders, the Brazilian has allowed himself to join one of the world’s biggest football teams. He may not be having his best time, but his record and recent success are there to inspire all players.

    Ancelotti Seems to be Against Casemiro’s Transfer

    Ancelotti will not settle for losing one of his devotees in whom he has absolute confidence. The coach is making a last-ditch attempt to persuade the midfielder to continue with Real Madrid. Reports from England say the decision appears to be rock solid, but both the manager and players are not ruling out a seemingly impossible comeback.

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    The total contract value between the two clubs is still closer to €70m than the €60m originally discussed. All could be revealed on Friday, and it’s expected to be long and complicated. The soap opera kicked off last Tuesday, and you’ll get to see everything on set in three days.

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