EA CEO thinks Call of Duty Xbox Exclusive might be a good thing

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    Xbox’s verbal battle with PlayStation intensifies as it works to complete its acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The transaction going through and Call of Duty perhaps becoming an Xbox exclusive, according to EA’s CEO, would actually be a positive development, at least for EA.

    The CEO’s remarks coincide with a heated exchange between Xbox’s Phil Spencer and PlayStation’s Jim Ryan. In the beginning, Sony expressed its concern that Call of Duty would become an Xbox exclusive and acknowledged that creating a rival to the series would probably be impossible. If the deal occurs, Spencer made it clear that Xbox has no plans to make any Activision Blizzard games exclusive.

    The Call of Duty deal that Xbox allegedly offered was subsequently described as “inadequate” by Ryan.

    That’s because it’s thought that for at least another three years, Xbox will be required to release Call of Duty titles on PlayStation. Spencer clarified that there are no plans to make Call of Duty an Xbox-only title and questioned how removing the title from the PlayStation platform would help the franchise’s possible future owners.

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    Call of Duty
    credit: pcgamer

    EA clearly sees a void in the market if Call of Duty is taken away from PlayStation, which may surprise some in the industry who support the acquisition outside of the parties involved. After the mistakes made with Battlefield 2042, a much-needed chance to advance its own first-person shooter franchise has presented itself.

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