Call of Duty Warzone And MW2 Patch Notes – all details

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    Call of Duty Warzone And MW2 Patch notes: On October 5, Activision will conduct a live deep dive of Modern Warfare 3 at Call of Duty Next, although a minor update for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone has already been released. Despite being a fairly minor update, Warzone’s Ranked Play has undergone a significant adjustment, as noted in the patch notes. The update to the redeploy flare field was taken out of competitive mode.

    Call of Duty Warzone And MW2 Patch Notes

    • *Attempting to use the “Manage Files” area of the Settings menu could cause the Player to be sent back to the main menu; this problem has been fixed.
    • *Fixed a problem where some menus could switch over with a major hiccup from COD HQ.
    • *Fixed a problem where the ISO 9 Mastery Completeionist Charm displayed the wrong Charm and the Battle Pass After Action Report wouldn’t play properly if Auto Redeem was enabled.
    • *Fixed a bug that might cause the player to return to the main menu while browsing Tracer Pack: Witchcraft
    • *Fixed a problem where the Dual Kamas model was missing from the Red Haunt Blueprint preview.
    • *Unlockable camos could no longer be attached to weapons before they were earned, which was fixed.
    • *The TR-76 Geist Mastery Completionist Charm’s error in showing the FR Avancer instead has been fixed.
    • *The Konni Group no longer spawning on Al Mazrah in the DMZ resolved a problem that prevented the operation “Thinning the Herd” from being performed as intended.
    • *When entering a DMZ match, a problem where some melee weapons might clip through the Operator’s wrist was fixed. Another problem was the uneven display of some Operators’ Skin Indicator tiles.

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