Limitation of Broadcast Trucks Could Further Delay the Return of Premier League

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    Broadcasting Her Majesty’s funeral 24/7 could run out of TV trucks and jeopardize the return of Premier League football.

    Football is one of the few sports that has canceled all weekend games, and surprisingly, even children’s football after the news of the Queen’s demise Thursday night.

    Cricket played ‘God Save the King’ in complete silence at her event in England for the first time since 1952, paying a stunning tribute to the Queen, however, football had decided a better tribute would be not to move ahead.

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    According to the information acquired by Sportsmail, it seems that Sky Sports, the Premier League’s main rights holder, is short of the outdoor broadcast vans it needs to broadcast its live broadcasts.

    Sky Sports will be covering live football from eight Premier League matches next weekend: Aston Villa vs Southampton on Friday night, Tottenham vs Leicester the following day, Brentford vs Arsenal, and Chelsea vs Liverpool on Sunday.

    Additionally, Sky has two live league matches on Saturday, as well as Scottish Premier League and Women’s Super League matches the following day.

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    The Biggest Obstacle Being the Lack of Resources Especially the Lack of Police Force

    Sky News is providing unparalleled coverage of events across the country leading up to the Queen’s funeral next Monday, all of which is causing to strain their resources.

    The lack of TV trucks is understood to have emerged as an additional aggravating factor during talks about resuming football after last weekend’s shutdown, which was followed by a government briefing this morning.

    The high demands on police resources, causing it to strain, is by far the biggest obstacle to staging next weekend’s Premier League games as up to 10,000 police officers have been stationed across London to manage what has been described as an unparalleled security operation in the capital ahead of the funeral.

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