BGMI C3S7 RP: Here’s all we know about the upcoming Royale Pass

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    Every month, BGMI gives its users access to a fresh Royale Pass. Every new RP has a unique theme and offers a tonne of brand-new cosmetics and equipment for weapons that players are eager to obtain.

    Even though the continuing Month 12 Royale Pass was bought by numerous users, it will soon expire and be replaced by the Month 13 RP. Players that play the game for free can also earn the special awards that are listed in the free RP section, while players with UC can purchase it and receive the exclusive benefits.

    The RP area will remain sealed until July 18 as the ongoing Month 12 theme Royale Pass comes to an end on July 17, 2022. On July 19, 2022, at 7:00 am IST, the forthcoming Month 13 Royale Pass will become available in the game.

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    Two versions of the Month 13 Royale Pass will be offered. The Elite Pass Plus version costs 960 UC in contrast to the popular Elite Pass, which costs 360 UC. Those who have previously purchased the M12 Royale Pass, however, are eligible to receive a 60 UC discount coupon for the following season.

    Numerous YouTubers collaborate with Krafton as BETA testers and share information about impending game upgrades or enhancements. Similar leaks for the Month 13 Royale Pass have been mentioned by a handful of them in their videos.

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