BGMI News: Jugadu Jignesh, Update 2.8 and its features

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    Once more, BGMI is hinting at a brand-new feature. A new trailer for a “Jugaadu Jignesh” was released by Krafton on the official social media channels of BGMI on September 28. About 24 seconds into the trailer, “Jugaadu Jignesh”—a figure who excels in placing people in awkward situations—is introduced. There is a caption that reads “Aa raha hai setting lagane Jugaadu Jignesh.” We get a quick glimpse of this new persona. But at this stage, it is incredibly challenging to decipher what is being teased.

    However, a lot of fans have speculated in the comments area that a new voice pack might be on the way. Some even used the name “Tappu,” which was acknowledged by the official account with a wink emoji.

    But for the past few days, BGMI has been making fun of Jugaadu Jignesh.

    It began with the release of a poster bearing the statement “Haar kar jeetne walo ko hi Jugaadu kehte hai,” which was adapted from a famous line from Shah Rukh Khan’s film Baazigar.

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    In other related news, the eagerly awaited BGMI 2.8 update is expected to be published in mid-October 2023, according to leaks. Numerous new features, such as zombie mode, and bug fixes will be included in the update. Players will also be able to use superpower skills in the game that are similar to those seen in the existing Dragon Ball Super mode.

    Once the update is released, the BGMI will get a new zombie mode. In Erangel, the zombie mode will be a theme mode. The Aerolith Lab and Zombie Outpost are the two noteworthy locations in the mode.

    Players can encounter two different kinds of zombies in the Zombie Outpost. After you kill the zombies Mutant Burzerker and Mutant Destroyer, you will receive various powers in their dropped loot.

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