Here is the list of All the Best Movies by Rowan Atkinson as of 2022 

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    After Charlie Chaplin, the only man who laughs at all of us without speaking a single word is Rowan Atkinson, a great man, and also a great actor. Rowan Atkinson is a comedy kind. He is mostly known for his skills in comedy, but it’s true, that his movies do not acclaim as much as his TV shows.

    It’s quite interesting all of Atkinson’s films that feature his most popular characters, containing Johnny English, and Mr. Bean also is not rated anywhere as high as the film where he can play more supporting characters. 

    Here is the list of top 10 Rowan Atkinson films:   

    10. The Johny English Series 

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    Rating: 6.3 

    Rowan Atkinson played an important role in this film. All three films stop at a 6.3. In satirizing James Bond’s characters, there is an English who is also one of the funniest. The first adaptation also even builds a bond-esque villain having a plan for the latest prison. 

    Rowan Atkinson

    9. Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007) 

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    Rating: 6.4 

    One should not doubt the success of Bean, as a feel-good show, its sequel comes after v10 years. In the 1997 film, the iconic character also moves overseas and goes to visit the U.S. Mr. Bean’s Holiday follows such a character set out for France. In these travels, there are many handfuls of adult jokes that really make your day. 

    8. Rat Race (2001) 

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    Rating: 6.4 

    If you have already watched the film then the film is one of the biggest Hollywood productions as Atkinson become a part of the film and has been largely become funded by U.K. studios. It’s the reason comes as a surprise that the rat race had much more marketing in beginning it with the big budget for an Atkinson film. 

    The story revolves around a group of people who also can race against the U.S. to find the jackpot amount of hidden money. 

    image 41

    7. Bean (1997) 

    Rating: 6.5 

    The year was 1997 when the cult TV show Mr. Bean launched a phenomenon in the U.K. The character of Mr. Bean is definitely6 an iconic told for Atkinson. When the character is introduced to overseas viewers to a greater extent by the series that also build up within 10-minute skits. 

    6. Hot Shots!  Part Deux 

    Rating: 6.6 

    This film is mainly a parody both of Apocalypse Now and Rambo, there was no such better film than Now and Rambo, there had no such better film to bring Rowan Atkinson into the Hollywood spotlight than Hot Shots! Part Deux. 

    There is somewhat jarring on watching Atkinson and Charlie Sheen acting like they also have different styles. Needless to tell Atkinson carries the bulk of the film along with the stoic delivery and certainly has the lines of a prisoner in Iraq. Now, this stark can contrast with nobody doing better than the comedy actor and what he would continue to perfect along with Johnny English. 

    image 42

    5. Keeping Mum (2005) 

    Rating: 6.8 

    The story is based on a pastor that’s just preoccupied with writing the perfect sermon but also failing to realize as his wife also having an affair with his children that’s not too good. 

    4. The Witches (1990) 

    Rating: 6.9 

    A story of a young bot who has stumbled onto a witch convention and that must stop as he has become a mouse. 

    image 43

    3. Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) 

    Rating: 7.1 

    This Rowan Atkinson’s film reveals five social occasions and also a committed bachelor must be considered the notion can have and may have found love. 

    2. Love Actually (2003) 

    Rating: 7.6 

    The story of the film follows the lives of eight several couples dealing along with their love lives in several loosely connected as all set during a frantic month just before Christmas in London, England. 

    image 44

    1. The Lion King (1997) 

    Rating: 8.5 

    Lion-King is one of the high-rated animated films. This is one of the most beautiful animations, and also just inspiring narrative, the voice acting as it can’t be overlooked. Rowan Atkinson played the role of Zazu. The movie is based on some trademark movements such as the hornbill and Mufasa’s small storage and also working in a way done by Atkinson. 

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