Escape the Horror: Battlefield 2042 Gets a Chilling Dead Space Crossover Event

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    Get ready for a horrifying good time as DICE unleashes a limited-time crossover event in Battlefield 2042, bringing the dread of Dead Space to the modern battlefield.

    Battlefield 2042

    Mark your calendars, because from July 9th to July 16th, prepare to face a new enemy and fight for survival in the Outbreak game mode.

    Outbreak: A Test of Guts and Glory

    DICE throws a curveball with “Outbreak,” a brand new game mode inspired by the survival horror classic, Dead Space. Here, squad cohesion and resourcefulness become paramount as you and your teammates fight for survival against a relentless enemy within the confines of the Boreas Laboratory.

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    Embrace the Challenge, Reap the Rewards

    Engaging in the battle against the horrors of the Outbreak is more than just a fight for survival; it’s an opportunity for glory for those daring enough to join. By participating in this distinctive crossover event, players can earn an array of free Dead Space-themed rewards.

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    These rewards include a weapon charm to add a necromorph menace touch to your arsenal, a chilling weapon skin that captures the eerie atmosphere of the USG Ishimura, and a unique player card background and tag to proudly display your involvement in this momentous event.

    For the Ultimate Fan: The Dead Space Bundle

    For those eager to fully immerse themselves in the crossover experience, a premium Dead Space bundle is available for purchase. This exclusive pack includes the legendary “Marked Man” Specialist Outfit, allowing you to transform into a seasoned necromorph slayer.

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    Additionally, it features three legendary weapon skins, each showcasing a unique Dead Space aesthetic, along with various in-game extras to enhance your terrifying journey.

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    A Legacy of Redemption: Battlefield 2042

    Battlefield 2042’s launch may not have been its finest hour, but DICE has shown remarkable dedication, consistently improving the game through updates and the reintroduction of the beloved class system. While support for Battlefield 2042 winds down in anticipation of the next installment, this Dead Space event serves as a thrilling send-off.

    A Glimpse into the Future

    Interestingly, the development teams behind both Battlefield 2042 (DICE) and the critically acclaimed Dead Space remake (Motive Studios) are now working together alongside Ripple Effect and Criterion on the upcoming Battlefield game. This collaboration could potentially hint at exciting future crossovers and interconnected experiences within the EA universe.

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    Don’t Miss Out!


    Whether you’re a seasoned Battlefield 2042 veteran or a newcomer drawn to the chilling allure of Dead Space, the Outbreak event offers a unique and thrilling experience. Jump in from July 9th to July 16th, face the horrors that lurk within the Boreas lab, and claim your free rewards.

    For those seeking a more immersive crossover experience, the Dead Space bundle awaits. So, grab your squad, prepare for the fight of your life, and experience the terrifying fusion of Battlefield 2042 and Dead Space!

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