Batman Arkham Knight may be finally getting a new patch update

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    The last installment in the Batman Arkham series was titled Batman Arkham Knight. The game’s faithful portrayal of Batman, gameplay in the Batmobile, and other features impressed players. Aside from the recent news of a Nintendo Switch adaptation, the game has not recently gained much notice. On the Steam version, Batman Arkham Knight has recently seen some action.

    Four days ago, the game received a Steam update that added a new private branch dubbed patch_test, signaling that it would soon get additional features, such as the eagerly awaited RTX remake. The enormous Geforce Now leak from 2021 had a lot of projects that have since been completed, including games like Tekken 8, thus a new ray-tracing upgrade for the game is very plausible.

    Nvidia included Batman Arkham Knight RTX Remaster on the list. The test patch has sparked rumors regarding the game’s graphic redesign because it has been three years since the last update.

    Along with ray tracing, Batman Arkham Knight may have DLSS functionality. Nvidia has traditionally sponsored the game’s PC port, and the PC gaming behemoth might be hoping to take advantage of this.

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    The game would benefit greatly from the addition of ray tracing. It has endured incredibly well despite its advanced age, competing head-to-head with several games that were published much later.

    Although the Batman Arkham series is still well-liked, its creators, Rocksteady Studios, have gone on to another endeavor. Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, which will be published on February 2 of next year and serve as Kevin Conroy’s final Batman appearance, is currently being worked on by Rocksteady Studios.

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