Baldurs Gate 3: How to improve DLSS in the Game?

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    Baldurs Gate 3 is a versatile game that may be played in a variety of ways depending on your device. However, if you want to have the finest experience possible, there is a simple guideline you may follow: The game’s DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) version should be updated.

    DLSS is an AI upscaling method developed by Nvidia that increases game visuals’ quality. Newer versions of Nvidia’s DLSS algorithm are produced as the company continues to improve it. However, incorporating these improvements into games may necessitate testing and optimization, as well as player patches.

    Baldurs Gate 3 arrived with an older version of DLSS (, however, newer versions (up to DLSS 3) have subsequently been published. Although differences between DLSS versions are not always obvious, some revisions can result in significant improvements in image quality.

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    To update the DLSS version in Baldurs Gate 3, use the DLSS Swapper program.

    Download and install DLSS Swapper, then select the desired DLSS version for Baldurs Gate 3 from the menu on the Games tab. It is also important to enable DLSS in the game’s graphical options.

    It is advised that you download DLSS because the gaming community considers it to be the best option for image quality. Some players have noticed ghosting issues with later DLSS 3 versions, though this may be fixed with some further tuning.

    Check DLSS Swapper after each game patch to verify that you are always using the most recent DLSS version in Baldurs Gate 3.

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