Baldurs Gate 3 will not support pre-loading and is 122 GB in download size

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    Baldurs Gate 3 will not be available for pre-order before its August 3 release date, according to Larian Studios. This means that on launch day, users will have to download the complete 122GB package. According to the game’s community update, there will be no pre-loading of the game on PC.

    On PC, the entire version of Baldurs Gate 3 will take up a whopping 122GB of disc space. This is due to the game previously being released in Early Access for three years. Unfortunately, this means that fans will have to wait for the enormous download to complete before they can play the widely awaited sequel.

    It’s worth noting that Larian Studios may not be able to control the inability to pre-load the game because it’s been in Early Access for a long time. This revelation, however, may upset players who were eager to play the game as soon as it was published.

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    Baldurs Gate 3 will be released on PC on August 3, and Early Access saves will not be carried over to the full edition. Because of the considerable alterations made, Larian Studios has advised players to start over. The game will also be available for the PlayStation 5 on September 6, with an undisclosed date for the Xbox Series X/S edition.

    It is unknown whether pre-loading will be offered for the game on consoles at this time. If we obtain any new information from Larian Studios, we will update this story. Meanwhile, it has been suggested that playing as a bard for your first playthrough of Baldurs Gate 3 is a good option for Dungeons & Dragons players.

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