ASUS: 10,000 Z690 Motherboards has been called back by the Manufacturer

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    Due to potential fire and burn concerns, Taiwanese electronics company ASUS has recalled almost 10,000 ROG motherboards. No injuries have been reported despite ASUS Computer International receiving 10 reports of the ROG Maximus Z690 Hero motherboards (made in Vietnam) overheating and melting.

    According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the manufacturer recalled motherboards because a capacitor on the motherboard was put in a reverse configuration, which might result in a short circuit, overheating, or melting, posing fire and burn concerns (CPSC).

    There have been 10 reports of melted motherboards, according to the CPSC, but no injuries. It is unclear if any other property was harmed. For boards purchased after January 2022, the problem has probably been resolved because, as of right now, the board is unquestionably still for sale.

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    credit: theverge

    The US government agency advised users to cease using the recalled motherboard right away and visit the ASUS website for instructions on how to send it back for a free replacement item, including shipping.

    Recalls of desktop PC parts aren’t particularly frequent, but they’ve been appearing more frequently as savvy YouTubers started looking into why their parts failed. In addition to Gigabyte’s “exploding” power supply units, Gamers Nexus was crucial in getting NZXT to recall its H1 mini-ITX enclosure owing to a fire hazard.

    In a separate update, ASUS disclosed that the ROG Maximus Z690 Hero motherboard has been the subject of recent incident reports.

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