Apex Legends: Here is a Welcome Missions Guide that may help you in getting those rewards

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    With the launch of Tuesday’s Spellbound Collection Event, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment unveiled its latest set of cosmic-themed cosmetic items, but the update that accompanied those cosmetics is a literal game-changer. Players can now host their own private matches and tournaments, but the new update also grants them access to a brand-new feature: Welcome Missions.

    Earlier this year, a dataminer discovered a fully animated and voiced tutorial trailer that has yet to appear in the game. As a result, some players expected the new intro trailer to be released alongside the Welcome Missions. Unfortunately, Apex’s original, very brief, woefully inadequate tutorial has not been updated, leaving new players to fend for themselves.

    Log in to Apex as you usually would and once in the lobby, click the “Seasonal” tab at the top of the page. A sub-menu will then appear beneath the tabs. “Challenges” should be the last tab on the far right end of the sub-menu. When you click it, you’ll be taken to the challenge hub. Daily challenges, seasonal battle pass challenges, limited-time event challenges, and now, Welcome Challenges can all be found here.

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    Apex Legends
    credit: gamespot

    There are ten Welcome Missions for players to complete, each of which aims to teach players about a different gameplay element and introduce them to all of the tools available to them.

    Restore 200 health points

    This is a simple challenge, but it’s easy to forget you need to heal, especially if you’re only missing a small amount of health. However, that small amount should always be healed as soon as possible, because those few HP can mean the difference between life and deathbox.

    Slide 3 times

    Movement is everything when it comes to Apex. When your abilities fail you, sliding—especially downhill—is your best bet. If characters like Fade (and his wildly powerful passive ability, Slipstream) join the squad and affect the meta, sliding could become an even more important part of Apex in the future.

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    Deal damage with ordnance

    Apex’s throwables are extremely useful, so it’s best to become acquainted with them early on, especially if you’re new to the game. Frag grenades are great for forcing enemies to leave a building or other confined space. Arc stars, on the other hand, are an excellent tool for precise attacks, causing instant damage and becoming stuck if they land directly on an enemy, then causing even more damage when they detonate a moment later. Thermite grenades also deal instant damage, but the damage stacks for a limited time, depending on how long you stay in contact with the scorching flames.

    Apex Legends
    credit: gamespot

    Swap your armor for an EVO Shield of a higher tier in battle royale

    Even if they’re the same colour, not all EVO Shields are created equal. If you’re wearing a blue shield but haven’t dealt any damage, swap armour if you come across a deathbox with a damaged EVO Shield that’s closer to levelling up than your own.

    Get into the top five

    This one will vary depending on whether you’re playing with randoms or a pre-made squad. This is much easier to accomplish when you have a pre-made squad of friends, but you’ll get there eventually, it just may take a little longer with randomised squadmates. If you need to get to the top five right away, ratting is the best way to do it.

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    Use a melee attack to break down three doors

    You may occasionally find yourself in combat while unarmed. Unless the opponent is also unarmed, it is often better to run than to throw punches. Remember that it only takes two melee hits to shatter a door. Punch through a downed enemy who is blocking a door and finish them off.

    For each Welcome Challenge completed, players earn XP that counts toward both their battle pass and their individual user level. Players who complete all ten Welcome Challenges, on the other hand, will receive a new item to adorn their characters’ banners: the Apex 101 badge. It may not be the most exciting prize in the world, but it adds a nice finishing touch to your banner.

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