Apex Legends: Here’s all that is new things in the Game and about the New Legend Vantage

    Vantage, the most recent addition to Apex Legends, debuted alongside Season 14: Hunted. She is not the first flying legend to participate in the Apex Games, but she is the first with a skill set and set of powers designed expressly for ranged combat, and she is severely changing the meta.

    Vantage can be a little difficult to grasp because of the peculiar nature of her skills. However, with enough practice (and reading), you’ll soon be flying across the Outlands and shooting freshly nerfed Valkyries out of the sky. Even if Apex Games might be rigged, using these suggestions will significantly raise your chances of getting Vantage (and her adorable little mascot) into the winners’ circle.

    One of the most potent legends in the game, Vantage is an unstoppable force on the battlefield thanks to her unusual talents. But if you don’t know how they work or how to utilize them effectively, such skills are meaningless.

    While unarmed or while using mid- to long-range scopes, aim down sights to scout, then use a bullet drop indicator to see where rounds will land. The eyepiece on Vantage additionally displays the names of enemy legends, the type of shields they are using, the squad size, and their distance from the ship.

    Vantage can quickly move to high ground and flee gunfights that have turned sour with the assistance of Echo, a bat-like monster. Even if the small man is helpful, if you aren’t paying attention, he could still pose a threat to you. Keep in mind that Echo, unlike Crypto’s robotic wingman, will not scan for opponents or warn you of their location, but will instead hover wherever you last sent him. Recall him or move him closer to the ground if your team is not currently engaged in combat so that adversaries are less likely to spot him from a distance and try to ambush him.

    However, you are allowed to employ Echo as often as you like and to leave him hovering wherever you please while your team is engaged in combat. As opposed to Crypto’s drone, Echo cannot be destroyed by attackers, and Echo Relocation’s brief cooldown will let you get out of tight spots frequently.

    While utilizing Echo Relocation, be sure to utilize your ability to double jump. In contrast to Ash’s Phase Dash and Wraith’s Dimensional Rift abilities, the increased boost can send you flying upwards of 45 meters across the map, and adversaries cannot follow your path.

    Although Sniper’s Mark is a very potent ability, make sure you’re in a secure location with adequate cover before pulling out Vantage’s unique sniper and starting to aim. A huge orange laser beam, resembling the one on Rampart’s beloved minigun, Sheila, is beamed across the map each time you gaze through those optics, broadcasting your location to anyone nearby. While peeking is acceptable, if you’re trying to hide your team’s location, wait to ADS until you hear or see an enemy.

    In any shooting scenario, maintaining the high ground is advantageous, but while using Sniper’s Mark, this is especially true. When you aim downward instead of horizontally, enemies below you are much less likely to notice the laser sights. Think about finding a spot that is safe and has a good view, and keep an eye on the bullet drop indicator to make sure your shots are on target.

    She resolutely refuses to leave during her opening Apex Games match despite Fuse’s protests about “a pup” competing in the Games. This remark may be merely making fun of the fact that she’s the youngest member of the Legend Squad, but it might also be making fun of her youth and lack of experience in life as a result of her segregated upbringing.

    She wins her first Apex match, but it doesn’t necessarily mean she has what it takes to become a legend. Although she utilized her abilities effectively during the game, it wouldn’t have mattered if she hadn’t— That game was rigged using the same method that Crypto uncovered in his episode of Stories from the Outlands, so Fuse’s team was destined to win. Vantage appears to have outshot Fuse, earning her the champion of the winning team and likely disappointing everyone who had Fuse as their favourite.

    Another rule-breaking episode involved Vantage, who disregarded a prohibition on dogs in the Games in the Official Apex Games Rulebook. Although she has brought Echo, the bat-like creature that saved Xiomara’s life in her episode of Stories from the Outlands, to the games, it appears that animals are not permitted.

    Fair enough, Echo did attack a rival’s eyebrows during the qualifier match for Vantage, but even so, this “no pets permitted” rule is a bit perplexing considering that Bloodhound’s pet raven, Artur, has been a staple of the series since it began in 2019.

    Vantage appears to be aware of this because it filed numerous appeals before receiving approval to bring Echo to the Apex Games.

    Some flashbacks involving Vantage’s encounters with her mother may be seen in the debut trailer. She appears prepared to fight a whole prison’s worth of Syndicate guards armed just with a sharp stick in one of them, carrying a shoddily made shiv. The meeting ends when Xenia pulls the homemade weapon out of Vantage’s daughter’s hands before she can act foolishly.

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