Apex Legends: Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Season 14

    In just under a month, the current season of Apex Legends will come to a close. Players are understandably more interested in the details of Season 14 as the current season comes to an end, with hypotheses and queries taking over the /r/ApexLore subreddit and numerous data mining discoveries being shared to /r/ApexUncovered daily.

    There is currently very little verified information about the new season, but we have been able to piece together some of the pictures thanks to data mining breaches and some unintentional Respawn hints. For a list of all the content that will probably make its debut when Apex Legends Season 14 opens, keep reading.

    Dataminers have discovered a collection of cosmetic products with a wildlife theme, suggesting that a hunting or safari-themed event is in the works. Character skins, weapon charms, and banner frames are examples of cosmetics. The majority of players and data miners believe these things are a part of a temporary event because there aren’t enough of them and they could be battle pass stuff.

    The only planet in the Apex Legends world that has an Arenas map (“Encore”) but no map for battle royale mode is Boreas, which is Seer’s home planet. As shown in a recent animated short posted on the Apex Legends Twitter account earlier this week, many people blame the all-seeing artist for the destruction of the planet’s moon, Cleo, which occurred when Seer was born.

    Although it hasn’t been confirmed, Vantage, a sniper-focused legend whose appearance and skills were leaked along with eight other legends back in March, might be Season 14’s opening legend. A map with a lot of elevation would certainly benefit from Vantage’s long-range abilities. Vantage and Cleo could work well together, and Cleo’s enormous craters are probably the ideal sniper’s paradise. A new map is in the works, according to the same leaker who made it known that Vantage and the other eight legends existed. The name of that map? Lunar Division.

    One of two new limited-time modes that recently arrived in the Apex Legends mobile app is called Gun Game. Players must go through a variety of weapons in this mode, scoring points for killing other players. The team with the most points wins, however you can avoid this by scoring three melee kills, which gives you the victory right away.

    It’s important to remember that until they are confirmed, all reports of these new features should be treated with skepticism, but it’s impossible to deny that many of them would improve Apex Legends, and so far, the evidence points to that being the case. However, until Season 14’s game updates are verified, you might wish to limit your practice to the next season of the mobile game’s Gun Game.

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