Apex Legends Mobile: Crypto all but confirmed to join the Game

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    With Season 2.5 of Apex Legends Mobile’s second season expected to debut next week, the second half of the season is almost halfway finished. Despite the lack of information about the upcoming season—the name of the new battle pass hasn’t even been revealed—we do know one thing for certain: Crypto will be the upcoming legend to join the Apex Legends Mobile team.

    This was made clear when a programming error led to the appearance of his portrait in the game’s legend shop and the ability for players to buy him.

    The issue was quickly fixed, but an in-game message explaining it seems to confirm that Crypto will make its Apex Legends Mobile debut on August 23 when Season 2.5 goes live. The “Crypto Store Bug Fixed” notification reveals that Crypto’s brief presence was an accident but also that he is still alive. The notice concludes, “Players who purchased Crypto during this time will be able to play him at a later date. We will be sending affected players Syndicate Gold to compensate them for this issue.”

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    Due to his repeated appearances in the mobile game’s trailers and the fact that some of this season’s events—such as the Network Hacker event and the Hack game mode—clearly allude to his impending entrance, players already had a good suspicion that Crypto would be joining the games soon. A tweet from the official Apex Legends Mobile Twitter account today featured an animation with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it frame showing Crypto’s character logo, further supporting the theory that he’d be the next legend to hit the mobile squad. Earlier this season, leaked footage of his abilities in action appeared, further supporting the theory that he’d be the next legend to hit the mobile squad.

    Overall, this minor blunder could have been far worse—a new mobile-only legend like Fade or Rhapsody leaking early would be devastating. However, the notoriously secretive and paranoid legend is undoubtedly not happy that the game’s creators have exposed him.

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