Apex Legends: The Game finally gets a new Seer Backstory

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    Respawn has decided to finally provide us with some new Seer backstory with an animated short after weeks of teasers within Apex Legends. Although the lore is delicious, it has come at the expense of one of Apex Legends’ most cherished characters suffering mental and emotional harm. As a result, the community is outraged and calling for the reporter’s blood.

    One of the few prominent characters in Apex Legends that isn’t also a playable legend is Lisa Stone, the local journalist in the game’s setting. In addition to supporting Duardo Silva (Octane’s grandpa) in his attempt to seize control of The Syndicate, the group in charge of overseeing the Apex Games and the Outlands, Lisa was the reporter who stood beside Forge as Revenant killed him.

    As shown in the brand-new animated short, Lisa ambushes the media-averse Seer at a scheduled interview by asking him pointed questions that are obviously intended to further an ulterior motive. Since Seer is unable to refute the narrative she creates about him, she portrays him as being somewhat heartless for not trying to help the people who have condemned him his entire life because of the coincidence of his birth and the destruction of their planet’s moon.

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    Apex Legends
    credit: Apex Legends

    Although Lisa has never been a well-liked figure, this interview seems to have cemented her place in the community. Many people are criticizing Lisa on Twitter for harassing Seer live and questioning if anyone has figured out how to beat up a fictional character.

    Respawn teased this Seer interview in-game during the last few weeks of Season 13’s Quest by having Octane, Rampart, and Fuse exchange amusing banter with Seer. These in-game teases and lore-focused animated shorts are probably teasing whatever tale is planned for Season 14 this close to the end of Season 13.

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