Anthony Davis signs three-year extension with the Lakers, breaks a new contract record

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    Bitter rivals Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics compete both on and off the field. Two of the biggest teams in the NBA are known for gifting us some of the most memorable matches in this league, and signing players with a huge contract is also a thing they compete in. Jaylen Brown’s record-breaking $304 million five-year contract lasted nine days; now the Lakers have that distinction.

    And as mentioned, a trend was bound to happen in the league as it’s also happening in the NFL; players are asking for record-breaking contracts. And on that note, the next athlete in line was Anthony Davis, who just came to an agreement that effectively makes him the highest-paid NBA player in history. On average, Jaylen Brown’s max contract will reach a reported $60.8 million per season over the span of five years. Anthony Davis just surpassed his record by $1.2 million.

    Anthony Davis’ record breaking contract with LA Lakers

    Reports state that Los Angeles Lakers have sealed a humongous deal with Anthony Davis, which stands at a value of a whopping 186 million over three years. If our math is correct, that is $62 million per season, a new NBA record. However, there’s also a possibility this will keep taking place over the next couple of months remains high with some of the best players in the league.

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    Credits: CGTN

    Besides Anthony Davis, athletes like Nikola Jokic, Joel Embiid, or Giannis Antetokounmpo might not like being left out of the highest-paid players’ club. Not that Anthony Davis or Brown don’t deserve their contract, but the other three have been dominating the league over the last three years at least.

    Anthony Davis, with creating a new contract record, has Eventually proved that he is one of the most valuable players of the LA Lakers team, and it also signifies how much the NBA team is willing to keep him inside the organization for many years to come. The team will certainly look forward to securing the best version of Davis, which might be yet to come, and they’re eventually waiting to secure the benefits from the phenomenal performances of the athlete that Anthony Davis has done for the team till now.

    Over the next few weeks, fans will be counting the days until a new NBA contract record is broken. We can all play a game and try guessing who will be the next athlete in the league to create a new record in terms of having a big contract or anything else.

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    Discussing the present perspective, it has certainly become a matter of speculation who will be the one to break Anthony Davis’ record, and surely it might happen soon, considering how big the NBA teams bid for their athletes. But for now, may he enjoy what Jaylen Brown went through for only nine days. Our money would be on either Jokic or Embiid. Giannis also has a good chance to break that record.

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