AMD FSR 2.1 is available now with Farming Simulator 22

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    Farming Simulator 22 released a new 1.7.1 patch that features the most recent FSR version, with FSR 2.1 making its debut and being compared. Farming Simulator 22 is shown operating with AMD FSR 2.1 pitting FSR 2.0 versus FSR 2.1 in an ultimate FidelityFX Super Resolution duel.

    AMD further informs players that FSR 2.0 and FSR 2.1 in “Performance” mode provide up to 1.4 times more performance in Farming Simulator 22 in 4K, respectively. AMD was running Farming Simulator 22 at 4K with an astounding 150FPS average with FSR 2.1 enabled and 105FPS average with FSR 2.0 deactivated on a mid-range Radeon RX 6750 XT graphics card.

    The new FSR 2.1 version does include a few minor adjustments thanks to AMD’s algorithm modification, but the FSR 2 API has remained unchanged. While AMD notes that animated textures, spark, and smoke particles have been included in the sample data, there are still a few minor faults that are being fixed. According to AMD, game designers should take a look at Reactive Mask, which ensures that the best upscaling is used.

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    Twenty games now use AMD FSR 2.0, and 45 more are in the works to use FSR 2. x in some capacity. Since FSR has been promoted as open source, these games are the only ones that officially support it. It’s good to see AMD continuing to push work into FSR, with Farming Simulator 22 being the game of choice for debuting the very latest version of FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.1 technology. Modders are adding AMD FSR support into games that don’t have FSR or even some games that are exclusively using NVIDIA DLSS (FSR 2.1).

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