Images of AMD EPYC Genoa 9000 CPUs and SP5 Socket with Heatsink Has Surfaced Online

    Once images of AMD’s EPYC Genoa 9000 CPUs and the SP5 socket with heatsink have appeared online. With up to 96 cores and 400W TDPs, the next-generation EPYC series will have an enormous amount of performance packed inside, according to specifications that were revealed a few days ago.

    The AMD EPYC Genoa 9000 CPUs have improved capabilities and support for new memory. According to the most recent business information, the SP5 platform will also bring a brand-new socket with a whopping 6096 pins set up in the LGA socket configuration. With 2002 additional pins above the present LGA 4094 socket set, this processor will have AMD’s most significant socket architecture.

    EPYC Genoa
    credit: wccftech

    AMD must jam more cores into its EPYC Genoa CPU box to access those 96 cores.

     Up to 12 CCDs will be incorporated by AMD to accomplish this. Following the new, impending Zen 4 architecture, each CCD will provide eight cores. This is consistent with the larger socket size and may indicate a significant CPU interposer, which would be much more noticeable than the EPYC CPUs used today. According to reports, the processor has a 320W TDP that can be adjusted to 400W.

    Although images of the socket had already been posted online, the most recent photo collection provides a far higher resolution view of the new designs. The SP5 heatsink, which will be fastened with up to eight Torx screws, is also seen in an image.

    EPYC Genoa
    credit: wccftech

    In Q4 2022, AMD will introduce its next-generation data center EPYC Genoa CPUs, which are likely to debut before competitor Intel announces the widespread availability of its Xeon Sapphire Rapids. Additionally, it has been reported that a limited number of clients have access to AMD and Intel processors for testing and early deployment.

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