All the latest updates about the Xbox App for PC

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    Xbox App has come with the latest updates for installing games at any folder and also it will allow modding. Recently, Microsoft has declared about the latest set of fantastic upgrades for the Xbox app on PC. All the users will be able to select and also install games in any folder and can use the mods.

    Installation directory

    If you ignore all the gaming clients like Stream,  or Epic Games Store, the Xbox app on PC has always become quite restrictive while it has reduced the gaming installation. With this, the players could not be able to choose about the folder games went into like the app only provide the option for pick up in between the drives.

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    In the latest updates of the PC community that Xbox has been deckla5red about their rolling out install directory selection, where all the players get the option to select their titles for downloaded and also even create custom subfolders under that. This is seriously very helpful while you get to back up your games, and can transfer them to a different system or also can reset your PC. This new feature will be soon available on such Xbox insiders for testing before it becomes live.

    Microsoft's new Xbox app ready for download on Windows 10 • Pureinfotech

    Modding Process

    It is true that hitting an option for selecting games for instance, ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ would feature the tiny icon, that is indicating to the moddable. All the players also will get direct access to their local files and can assets so they will be able to edit and move around such stuff for altering the acquired aspects of the game.

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    Auto HDR Widget (Windows 11 User)

    In this latest update of Windows 11, Microsoft has come with an auto HRDR feature that has crisped up all the images with a lot of the older games. If you belong to someone who wants to experience the game without, this latest update to Xbox game Bar contains the widget that lets you turn HDR on or may off, and also provides you with the slide to adjust the intensity.

    Behind the scenes Xbox is working on the development of download speeds and also reliability of the app when containing one of the dedicated cloud gaming tabs that will also be available exclusively to Game Pass Ultimate members.

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    New Windows 10 Xbox app will focus on putting PC gamers first (2021)

    Microsoft is recently running such a limited-time offer in India, if you can able to buy a one-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass then you can get the additional 7 months free. The preliminary plan for PC is valued at Rs. 489, and the offer is only applicable for the latest users. In this package, one can get over 100 quality games on Windows PC and arrives with Bethesda games and also with a free subscription to EA Play.

    Here is the trailer:

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