Alcohol advertising will be accepted in the World Cup with drinking regulations in Qatar

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    Sources verify that the alcohol brands will now be officially allowed for advertising purposes at the World Cup which is going to start next month in Qatar. Also, rules on drinking will be relaxed for the tournament as long it will go, and according to some reports, it has become possible only because Budweiser is one of the official FA partners as well as sponsors of the World Cup.

    Though drinking is expected to get official permission at the Qatar World Cup, there will also strict laws regarding the drinking of it in the country. As mentioned, rules regarding drinking alcohol will be relaxed throughout the tournament in the Islamic state, and reports state that the punters will be allowed to drink in some designated areas only.

    Along with the regulations given over the advertising of alcoholic drinks in the country, which is itself the host of the World Cup, following suit, it should certainly ease the contractual difficulties with several participating nations. Among these nations, also comes England which is known for having great deals with beer companies and is even famous for high-quality beer.

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    Budweiser Alcohol being one of the official partners

    As said, Budweiser is among the official partners of the FA in this year’s World Cup and also one of the sponsors for which this alcohol thing might be accepted. At the Arab Cup last year which was also organized in Qatar, the logo of this alcohol brand, i.e., Budweiser was also allowed to show during the tournament, and that thing is expected to continue eventually. Many people might be concerned about drinking, and for them, the good news is that Budweiser has launched a free alcohol alternative.

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