Airbus vs. Boeing: How Does the Competition Stand in 2022?

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    In the field of commercial aircraft manufacturing, two companies maintain their dominance for a long time. The two companies are American manufacturer Boeing and European multinational corporation Airbus. The renowned commercial aviation industries at very competitive.

    When it comes to choosing between the two Airbus and Boeing products that are very difficult made every week by airlines across the world like thy can look to buy the upcoming assets for the new fleets. The countries like China need over seven thousand jets in the coming years. We all can examine the makers from the point of an airline aiming an expansion. It depends on many factors like financial aspects, company structure, fleets, and many more. 

    Employees (2019)135,000161,000
    Revenue (2019)€78.9 billion ($95.9 billion)$76.6 billion
    Overall profit/loss (2019)$6.3 billion-$636 million
    Gross orders (2019)1,131246

    In terms number of employees, Airbus is a smaller company, which is less than Boeing about 26,000. According to the statistics, Airbus is more successful than Boeing in the profit and gross orders. This is more than a consequence of two such terrible crashes that mainly led to the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX in 2019. The collapse of Lion Air flight JT560and Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 happened in the gap of five months each other. After the terrible accidents, the safety agencies worldwide elected to ground the indefinitely. 

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    For Boeing, this indent draws a line on the company image and as a result, the company loses customer confidence. Now, things are better to look for Boeing as USA and Brazil recertified the MAX series. In this pandemic situation both companies facing a struggle. 



    There are many parallels that can be drawn between commercial aircraft that Airbus and Boeing generate. Both of them are competing in sub-markets in the airline industry completed, one can also even get some points in between two aircraft with the manufacturer.  

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    The two aircraft manufacturer invest millions in technology and engineering. In the end, the goal in both instances is to make the best and safest flying system. 

    Development on Technology 

    Boeing is the first plane manufacturer to use composite materials. The aircraft was known as 787 ‘Dreamliner with 50% though airbus also built with 535 composite aircraft which is A350 XWB. Now Boeing seems best known for being the first maker to build a   double-decker aircraft. This was the iconic 747 popular as “Queen of the skies”. As time continues it reveals the role of Boeing aircraft provides a better sense, while the controls on Airbus claimed to be more high-tech as the automation in the cockpit helps to neglect the human error in safety. 

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    Now, both companies’ Airbus and Boeing manufacture their airliners in their home countries. The main factory of Boeing is situated in Everett, Washington at the northeast corner of Paine Field. The maximum production of Airbus takes place in Toulouse, France, and Hamburg, Germany. 

    Boeing is now building aircraft internationally, and ends them in America as an example is the 787 Dreamliner that was built in Japan. 

    As a multinational European corporation, Airbus also was restricted from using European providers and manufacturers, the seamless movement of people and goods resulted in more exclusive products in Europe. 

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    Government Subsidies 

    Government issues are definitely a comparison among the two as one is supported by its government while the other is working very hard as a capitalist firm. As an example, Boeing gets some precious contracts with the US military and government. Airbus getting tax breaks and government subsidies following government orders. The companies are allowed to price their planes cheaper than the asking  price

    AircraftList Price ($m)Market Value ($m)Discount


    Airbus vs. Boeing

    During the pandemic, Airbus takes a high flight and starts to pull away from Bowing as its archival grapples with safety measures. The delivery of Airbus aircraft is set to grow by 18% around 720 this year. In comparison Boeing just able to manage only 340 deliveries last year that’s more than half of od airbus. The reason behind this downfall of Boeing is to complete rework or rectification for the sky aircraft families.

    Boeing just halted the shipments of its 787 long-body last May due to the faults in the airframe that affect the parts made by carbon fiber composites and also titanium. The deliveries of 737 Max to China customers resume for 2022, as yet confirmed the rate and timings both are unknown. 

    On the other side due to the legal dispute between Airbus and Qatar Airways, Airbus took an unusual decision to cancel an order for 50 narrow-body A321neo planes placed by the Gulf carrier. 

    image 32

    Order Books 

    Airbus just confirmed a record net income of $4.8 billion with higher cash that has been reserved on balance. While Boeing reports of last January reveal more than halved annual net loss in 2021, it still reported the company was $4.2 billion in the red owing mainly to the $3.5 billion charges in the fourth quarter regarding the delayed delivery of 787 programs. At the beginning of the year, Airbus reported 7,082 aircraft, while Boeing estimated over 4,200 valued at $297 billion. 

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