A massive crash at Tour de France

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    A massive accident took place at the Tour de France, which was caused by a woman spectator, as she stood on the roadside, on the tour’s opening stage, on Saturday. It happened all of a sudden when she stepped in front of the racing pack by holding a cardboard sign, where she tried to display a specific message, which was to be displayed in the television cameras.

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    A massive crash at Tour de France

    The Collision

    From the race video coverage, it was seen that the cardboard sign hit the German rider, Tony Martin. He was cycling near it, and eventually, both collided. Consequently, a dozen of riders collided too, who was cycling behind him, with collision.

    It took 25 kilometers for the group of cyclists to regroup again. Among the two major crashes, it was the first one, whereas the second accident took place eight kilometers from the end where many including the four-time champion, Chris Froome were involved.

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    All the cyclists feel, and the bodies tangled in the road. This incident held the race up for several minutes. Investigations have already started that, as launched by the French authorities. They also called for the witness of the scene as the women left the place soon before the investigators could go there.

    Three Riders have withdrawn

    According to the official website, of Tour de France, three riders withdraw themselves from the race. The German rider, Jasha Sutterlin who was involved in the collision, also did the same.

    From sources, it is known that he was also admitted to the hospital for some examinations. However, no fatal injuries were revealed. An injury is there in his right wrist, which will require some actions at home.

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    Bradley Wiggins’s saying

    Bradley Wiggins, the 2012 Tour de France winner stated that he has no sympathy for the fan who caused this intentionally or unintentionally. All the fans are part of Tour de France’s spectacle. This year was their comeback onto the route, but an accident caused stopping this event – he added.

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